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About our brand

The progress and development of the logistics industry is prompted by the construction of transportation equipment, development of information technology, and changes in consumption patterns. Japanese enterprises had realized the needs of consumers for convenience, promptness, and peace of mind in shopping and gifting in the commercial and industrial society in the 1980’s, the “home-delivery” service was then developed that allowed consumers to have their parcels delivered to the destination promptly and safely by the express industry whenever and wherever.

“Taiwan Pelican Express Co., LTD.” bases on the stabilities and reliability of TECO Group and applies the home-delivery “Know-how” and B2C and C2C home-delivery operation of “Nippon Express” in Japan, a leader in logistics industry. In addition, the company has formed a partnership with a number of well-known enterprises to have the first home-delivery (C2C, B2C, and C2B) established in Taiwan in 2000 that was the prelude of the home-delivery industry in Taiwan. Also, it was the first company to offer door-to-door home-delivery service in Taiwan.

A total of 57 home-delivery vehicles were in service starting from July 28, 2000 with only two home-delivery parcels delivered on the first day; however, over 100 million parcels had been handled in the last twelve years. Taiwan Pelican Express Co., LTD. has persistently had each parcel delivered carefully and safely between cities and the countryside, and in the streets and alleys. The company is also determined to provide the most considerate and convenient home-delivery service to customers. The company has diversified home-delivery services provided all year round to the students who are studying away from home, friends who are traveling away from home, and individuals who are working hard, and hsa improved the efficiency and added-value of its logistics.

Taiwan Pelican Express Co., LTD. is growing strong with its customer-oriented service concept, providing professional service from the consumer’s point of view, and aiming to meet customer’s satisfaction in order to bring a safer, more convenient, and more comfortable life to the people here.

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